Where to buy fishing line?

Fishing line is one of the elements that will play a key role in the success of this practice. In addition, it is necessary to shop for good quality fishing line to ensure that you are satisfied with it. To do this properly, you need to make sure that you go to the most reliable stores for this.

The importance of a good fishing line

Fishing lines are discreet, but they will be of paramount importance in catching your fish well. Depending on your fishing line, you will increase your chances of catching a good fish without losing any material. Indeed, when you decide to use cheap fishing line, there is a risk that it will break.

The qualities that a line can have will vary. Nylon will distinguish itself by providing a good management of the power of the fish. As for braid, it is an undeniable asset when you need precise information concerning the action of this aquatic animal.

Go to specialist online shops

To ensure that you get the most suitable fishing line , you can go online. This way, you have access to several online shops that offer the best items available. Among these, we can mention Decathlon.

Specialising in sports equipment, it is only natural that you will also find excellent fishing lines on this site. Interesting alternatives include Amazon, but also Aliexpress. For these sites, you should evaluate the many options you can find. This will give you a clear idea of what is most suitable.

Approach a fishing shop

If you are lucky enough to have a fishing shop nearby, you should go there. The fishing lines available there are usually designed to be well varied to give you satisfaction.

Secondly, you have the advantage of being able to talk directly to a salesperson. The advantage of this is that you can ask for advice. It is much easier to do this if you are a novice. Another advantage is that you don’t have to wait to be delivered.

Fishing communities

The sport of fishing is an opportunity for many people to get together around it. In this, they will often sell tackle to each other, and this is a very common practice. If you are looking for interesting but not too expensive fishing lines, this is an option to consider.

However, it is not easy to join such a community. In addition, anglers will take it upon themselves to sell such materials in order to buy new ones. In order to make good deals, such circles are to be frequented for you, and you just have to be careful about which ones.

Which electric motor for float tube?

Are you thinking of equipping your float tube with an electric motor? It is possible. As long as your float fishing tool is robust and can take a lot of weight, you can motorise it well. There are many manufacturers today offering motors for float tubes. Power, battery, accessories,… faced with these various points, one can easily get lost in the choice of such equipment. Discover the criteria to take into account to choose an electric motor for float tube.

The power of the float tube motor

Although there are various types of float tube motors on the market today, the electric model is still the most commonly used. One of the advantages of this model is that it is more practical and also ensures more mobility. It also requires very little maintenance over time. It is powered by a battery.

To equip your best float tube with an electric motor, you must first think about the power of the latter. In fact, to find the right power, you must take into account the characteristics of your boat. You can choose between 18 lbs and 55 lbs of power. Here, it is the weight and size of your float tube that counts. Before installing the motor, make sure your boat is light and easy to handle.

Choosing a float tube motor battery

This criterion is also important because the performance of the electric motor and the range of your float tube depends on it. You should know that 3 types of battery exist on the market:

  • The lead battery, being heavy and less efficient. However, it has the advantage of being more accessible in terms of price;
  • The AGM battery, which has the advantage of being lighter and less expensive. It is also less sensitive to vibrations and shocks. What’s more, it is easier to charge;
  • The lithium battery, being more compact and more efficient. What’s more, it lasts longer compared to the models mentioned above. The only drawback is the higher price.

Whichever battery you choose, don’t forget to check its capacity. This is expressed in Ah. Finally, if you choose a lead-acid battery, beware of the acid in it. It will damage your best float tube when it runs over it.

Other criteria to check

In addition to the power and the battery, there are other criteria that deserve special attention:

  • The motor mount: any of the best float tubes will have a mount for the motor. If your boat does not have one, you can buy a motor support kit from some shops;
  • Additional accessories, such as a battery tray. This equipment is very useful as it protects the battery from water, loss and shock;
  • Price: Your budget can also be a factor in determining your choice of electric float tube motor. To find a model that fits your budget, ask and compare a few prices.

What is the best spinnerbait?

Do you want to make a name for yourself in the world of predator fishing? Then you should try the spinnerbait. This is the American version of the spinner. Although this lure is not yet widely used in France, it is a very effective lure

The spinnerbait: an American style lure

The spinnerbait does not yet have many followers in France. However, this lure, which originated in the United States, is not only effective but also very versatile. If you are planning to fish for predators, this is the lure you need to have at the end of your line.

It is a lure with a fish-shaped lead head. This head is often made of shiny metal, chrome or gold. This shine is designed to attract fish. This lure also has a very colourful skirt. The brighter the colour of the skirt the better. The spinnerbait is also a spinner because of its sparkling, spinning metal paddles

The choice of spinnerbait weight

Spinnerbaits almost all share the same physical characteristics mentioned above. However, you can find several models of this lure on the market. The first characteristic that differentiates them is their weight. This weight is very important and determines the actual behaviour of the lure in the water.

The weight of the spinnerbait is also the element to take into account depending on whether you are fishing in more or less calm or deep water. The principle is that the calmer the water, the less lead you need. On the other hand, if you do not need to go deep, you do not need a heavy spinnerbait either. The best spinnerbait is the one that allows you to fish adequately in the type of water you choose.

Choosing the colour of the spinnerbait

There is no real correlation between the colour of the spinnerbait and the type of fish it catches. On the other hand, it is clear that the colours of the paddles and the lead head play a very important role. Indeed, if you are fishing in clear water, the best lure to use is the one with chrome or silver blades.

On the other hand, when you are fishing in more or less tinted water, it is wise to opt for golden vanes. However, it should be noted that in overly tinted waters, the best spinnerbait is the coloured spinnerbait. As for the colour of the skirt, the best of this lure always displays colours that mix warm and cool tones. Also, the flashier the better.

Some spinnerbait brands

When it comes to spinnerbaits, you can find everything on the internet. However, it should be noted that only quality spinnerbaits are recommended for you. If this is the first time you are going to use a spinnerbait, you will find the best models in the products of the brands Strike King, Booyah or Lil Hustler. After that you can also try other spinners from other brands that could very well allow you to make a nice catch.

How to fish with a streamer?

When you get into the world of fishing, you will find that there are many different techniques for catching fish. One of them is streamer fishing, which consists of using a lure, the streamer. However, to succeed with this technique, you need some know-how. Here is how to fish with a streamer.

What is streamer fishing?

Before talking about the techniques for successful streamer fishing, it is best to explain what it is. Indeed, streamer fishing consists of using an artificial fly with an incentive. In any case, this lure during its use imitates small fish such as sculpins, sticklebacks, small trout and others found in lakes and rivers. It is the behaviour of these fish that should be imitated with this fishing technique.

How to fish with a streamer

As mentioned above, the success of streamer fishing depends on a few points, and these tips will be of great help to you.

Choose a rabbit streamer with a flashy colour

To begin with, it is important to choose the right streamer. If you want to catch good trout, you should choose a model made of rabbit hair. At the start of the fishing season, a rabbit with two colours (chartreuse and black) will do the trick. As far as the flash is concerned, it is up to you to imagine how it can be made. For example, it is possible to use crystal fibres behind the streamer.

Adapting the tungsten balls

For the fishing streamer, you can choose between the ball and the sinker to ensure the movement of the lure. The advantage of the tungsten ball is that it is heavier and gives the streamer better movement. It is also more effective in triggering fish to attack, especially trout.

Finding the area where the fish are

Being an angler is not just about casting a line and sitting patiently waiting for a fish to take the bait. Indeed, it is very important to be able to read the water to know where the prey is? Not exactly, but at least as close as possible. For example, rainbow trout live in schools, especially during the opening. So remember to choose a quiet spot. As far as hooks for streamer fishing are concerned, you can use 4 or 6 hooks with tungsten balls of at least 4 mm.

Everything else depends on the animation

A true fishing enthusiast knows very well that knowing how to animate the lure properly is very important. This also applies to streamer fishing. The streamer should be made to live as much as possible, whether it is lake or river fishing. For example, it is possible to use the current. This means using the downstream cast and the cross cast. To go deep, you can use the upstream cast. So, place the fly close to the shore, let it sink and be carried away by the current. Move the lure quickly 30 to 50 cm downstream before bringing it back to its initial position. This is the way to get the fish to attack, but it takes a little practice.

How to fish with a jig?

There is a wide variety of accessories available to get you started in fishing. The jig is one of the most popular lures for this practice. It is essential to proceed in a specific way to make the best use of the potential of this lure.

The jig, a lure for many situations

Basically, the jig is a lure that is mainly used for sea fishing. But it has versatile qualities, which makes it a real asset for freshwater fishing as well. The jig is distinguished by the fact that it is a lure that imitates the visual aspect of a fish very well.

In addition, this lure is also able to produce vibrations that give the illusion of a real bait to the fish. All you need to do is choose the right jig rod and you’ll be ready for many different fishing situations. The fish you want to catch is the most important factor to consider when choosing your tackle.

Choosing the size and visual aspect

One of the details that distinguish jigs from each other is their size. It is possible to find models that are only a few centimetres long, but also jigs that are as big as fish. You have to decide what your target game is feeding on.

When it comes to appearance, you have a wide variety of choices. The important thing to choose here is certainly the colour. If you want your jig rod to bring in marine fish, you should favour bright colours. In the case of freshwater, realistic and subdued colours will work best.

Deciding on a rod

The choice of a jigging rod should be made according to the fish, but also your level of experience. It simply has to be strong enough to cope with some fish.

Lightness is also necessary, and in this respect, the most viable alternatives are those made of carbon. The size can really vary, and we are talking about models ranging from 3m to 6m. The reel is usually around 3000 to 4000, and you really have to choose on a case by case basis.

Getting the jig set up right

For the jig to serve you well, it is necessary to choose the right mounting. Among other things, you need to decide whether to use a clip or a swivel. The first solution has the advantage of being simple to mount, as well as being light. The swivel is more interesting if you fear that your lure will spin too much and cause wigging.

The swivel is more interesting if you are worried about your lure spinning too much and causing wigging, but it has to be mounted more precisely and is slightly heavier than the staple. Regardless of the choice made here, your jig rod will be of the most help if you know how to tie good knots. Among those that are essential to know is the Palomar knot, but the versions to use are much more extensive.

How do you lead a Texas hook?

For beginners, or for those who are less advanced, it is not always easy to cast a texan hook. It is indeed a real challenge, but there are several ways to succeed if you follow the advice shared by more experienced anglers. This will make it easier for you to cast any hook at the weight you want.

Understanding how the Texas hook works

The Texas hook is an all-purpose hook for a soft lure. It is especially useful for fishing in crowded places and to avoid snagging. The lure is hidden in the hook. This means that the size and choice of the hook is essential to get the right bite. There are therefore criteria to be taken into account before setting the Texas hook. In this case, it should be half the size of your lure. Also, it must be shaped so that the tip of the hook is completely free of obstructions when setting the hook.

As for theTexan hook‘s lead sealing, it depends on the desired shape and size of the hook. A minimum of equipment is required to be able to lead a Texan hook. That is why you should first take the time to gather the necessary equipment before you start.

The procedure for sealing the Texas hook

First, you twist the olivettes into the desired shape using pliers. Then, take the bricopate and fill the container that you will provide. In order to facilitate the removal from the mould, spread a drop of Vaseline with a brush in the container and knead the bricopaste adding the catalyst. The container should be filled with the mixture before positioning the lead and pressing it into the half. Take 10 minutes to dry and unmould the paste you have made. Now sand until half of the lead impressions are visible.

After this, the hooks should be positioned and the indentations marked as a guide when making the second part of the mould. As for the first time, the mould must be filled with the mixture. The impressions of the hooks are easily made with a pencil. The marks left by the pencil make it easier to dig out the location of the hook.

Making the lead

Once the mould has been properly shaped, you can cast your lead in the places you have previously made. In order for theTexas hook to work properly, you must take your time when making the lead. To do this, the size of the hook must be chosen carefully according to the lure. The hook should also be discreet and of a size appropriate to the type of fishing you are going to do. As far as rigging is concerned, this is done in the same way with soft lures.

Where to find fishing nets?

A landing net is one of the fishing tools that are essential in certain conditions. Depending on the needs that one may have for this type of accessory, it may be necessary to choose a specific model rather than another. Then, it is a matter of going to the right places in order to make a good purchase for a fishing net.

How to use a landing net

When you start fishing, you need a set of equipment that will allow you to do it right. Fishing nets are among the elements for which it is advisable to have a model. This element will not necessarily serve you continuously. However, there are instances where it can be useful.

One of the interests of a landing net is that it allows you to catch a fish without using a line. You just need to keep it at a safe distance from you. One way to catch a fish with a landing net is to use a bait to attract its attention.

Shopping on the internet

Fishing tackle is increasingly being purchased on the web. To ensure that you have the best in terms offishing nets, sites such as Decathlon, Amazon and Aliexpress are in competition.

You can go to these sites and find an alternative that is well suited to your needs. To avoid spending too much money, you can take your time to compare the available offers. This will give you an average estimate of what a landing net should cost you.

Physical fishing shops

If you have the opportunity to have a fishing shop in your immediate vicinity, you can go there. This will allow you to have a wide variety offishing nets that can give you great satisfaction. It is also much quicker than having to wait for delivery over several days.

Another advantage is that you can have the seller assist you in your choice. The salesperson usually has the necessary expertise to help you choose the right model for you.

Sorting out the models you buy

In addition to the price of the fishing nets, there are other details that should be taken into account when making your choice. In addition, the model you choose must be suitable for the purpose for which it will be used. This includes details such as the main material used in its manufacture.

Brands are also among the elements that need to be considered. Models that come from well-known brands are the ones to go for in order to get models that are satisfactory. You can find out as much as you can about the most compatible brands by going online and doing your own research on the subject.

How to fish with braid?

Braid is one of the elements that will be of great help to you when it comes to fishing. In order for it to serve you best, it is important to choose it carefully. If you take the right initiatives for this accessory, you will be able to catch big fish at best.

The difference between nylon and braided line

To fish well with a fishing braid The first step is to compare it with the other main alternative, nylon. The latter is better suited to fishing for beginners, especially because of its low price. However, you will have more specific needs as you go along.

The main detail that differentiates nylon from braid is that the latter is much less elastic. Nylon will show this impractical property as soon as you turn to bigger game. There is no need to worry about this when it comes to braid.

Adapting to fishing conditions

If braid is best suited to a more elaborate style of fishing, then the next step is to choose the right fishing braid. There are many details to consider when choosing a fishing line. These include diameter, strength and many other details.

The fish you want to catch, but also the fishing conditions themselves, are elements that influence the material to use. You need to make sure that you choose the most suitable option for the fishing conditions you are going to go into. Depending on the case, one type of braid will be more suitable than another.

Understanding the importance of the number of strands

Unlike nylon, a fishing braid will include several strands. It starts from 4 strands, but the number of strands can go up to 8, 12 or even 16 strands. The fewer the number of strands, the better the resistance to abrasive water. The more strands, the further the line can be cast.

The number of strands will also increase the resistance of your line if it is high. A 4-strand braid will therefore have less resistance than a 12-strand model. This should be taken into account depending on the fish you want to catch.

Using a good line

For your fishing braid to be effective, it is necessary to use a good piece of line. The purpose of the line is to make your line inconspicuous to the fish. The tip of the line will be made of materials such as fluorocarbon. This has the advantage that it is transparent.

The fish will not be able to see that the bait is connected to your line. The details of the line are the material of which it is made, but also its strength. With a good diameter, you can expect it to catch a massive fish well. The length should also be chosen carefully, especially for fishing such as surfcasting.

Which rod for mackerel fishing?

There are many varieties of fish available, including mackerel. This fish has many advantages, not least of which is the fact that it is relatively easy to catch. However, it is important to know what tackle to use if you want to catch this fish.

The essential details of mackerel

Mackerel is often touted as a fish to be caught for pleasure, as it does not require excessive effort. For people who go for casual fishing near the sea, it is one of the most common recourses. During the summer, you can cast the line of your sea rod along the shore and hope to catch some.

To do this, however, you need to be in a boat, some distance from shore, and at a speed of around 3 knots. With the right gear details, this fish will bite easily. You should therefore avoid overfishing, especially as you will either have to eat them or release them.

You can use basic tackle

Here, you don’t need to turn to fishing tackle that is distinguished by a high technical aspect. Instead, a light sea rod will be more than enough to fish for this fish. This rod is distinguished by the fact that it is quite compact, about 2.90 to 3.50 meters long.

The light rod is also very light, which means that it can be easily handled. The rest of the equipment to be used should also be standard, such as the reel and the line. With the right choices, fishing will be prolific without excessive effort.


The use of the sea rod is not going to be done in casting, i.e. trolling. Instead, you should plunge your lure into the water to the desired depth and then let it drag for a while. The aim is to try different depths to see where the fish are.

The lure that is generally used is the so-called machine gun lure. This one is distinguished by the use of several feathers on the back. This will easily catch the eye of the mackerel, which will rush to your lure. With a bib lure model, you can even catch several fish at the same time.

Adapting to the time of day

Using your sea rod to fish for mackerel should be done by analysing the fishing conditions. If you start fishing for this fish at the beginning or end of the season, the water temperature will be low. In this case, it is necessary to go and look for the fish a little far away.

The fish will prefer the water bottom in these situations. Things are different in the summer, and you are more likely to find mackerel between two waters. Sometimes the schools of mackerel even venture to the edge of the surface, which makes it easier to fish.

Which telescopic cane to choose?

Telescopic rods are models of rods that will have several advantages. Apart from the fact that they are compact and easy to store, you can choose a model according to your needs. The options available to us in this respect will therefore vary greatly.

The use of telescopic canes

The term telescopic cane this is a type of rod that can be easily folded back on itself. It is a model that does not lack popularity when it comes to catching fish with a small or medium size. It is therefore the main recourse for anglers who do this activity for pleasure. The simplest models are the most affordable for novice anglers.

Then, there will be various varieties, each of which will be suitable for specific uses. There is no single model of telescopic cane to which you can turn. To make the right choice, you need to familiarise yourself with the options available.

Turning to telescopic speed rods

There is a model of telescopic rod that will be used for fishing that is considered fast. These so-called speed rods will get the nickname of machine gun because of this, and are called speed whip. This type of rod is designed to allow you to cast the line quickly.

The length will be quite compact, ranging from 2m to 4.5m, and the whole thing will be very light. With the corresponding technique, it will be possible to catch a large quantity of small fish. This is the case when these fish will gather on the bank, especially after a good bait.

Using classic telescopic rods

In general, a telescopic rod will have dimensions between 4m and 8m. With this, you can fish on a wide variety of waters, and still have an effective rod. This is the model that will suit the occasional fisherman, but also those with an average level.

It is possible to generate performance that is at least appreciable for this type of rod. If you just want to fish for fun and not compete, this is the rod to buy.

Using a more powerful telescopic rod

At some point you may want to use a telescopic rod that is more powerful than your own. When this is the case, you can go to the market to find a model with the required characteristics. Here, we will have rods whose size will not exceed 7m.

The material used for its manufacture will be of higher quality. Another important detail is the interior of the rod. It will be hollow, and will usually include an elastic band. This will help to make your rod more solid. This means that you can use the rod with even a slightly heavy set-up.