Which rod for mackerel fishing?


There are many varieties of fish available, including mackerel. This fish has many advantages, not least of which is the fact that it is relatively easy to catch. However, it is important to know what tackle to use if you want to catch this fish.

The essential details of mackerel

Mackerel is often touted as a fish to be caught for pleasure, as it does not require excessive effort. For people who go for casual fishing near the sea, it is one of the most common recourses. During the summer, you can cast the line of your sea rod along the shore and hope to catch some.

To do this, however, you need to be in a boat, some distance from shore, and at a speed of around 3 knots. With the right gear details, this fish will bite easily. You should therefore avoid overfishing, especially as you will either have to eat them or release them.

You can use basic tackle

Here, you don’t need to turn to fishing tackle that is distinguished by a high technical aspect. Instead, a light sea rod will be more than enough to fish for this fish. This rod is distinguished by the fact that it is quite compact, about 2.90 to 3.50 meters long.

The light rod is also very light, which means that it can be easily handled. The rest of the equipment to be used should also be standard, such as the reel and the line. With the right choices, fishing will be prolific without excessive effort.


The use of the sea rod is not going to be done in casting, i.e. trolling. Instead, you should plunge your lure into the water to the desired depth and then let it drag for a while. The aim is to try different depths to see where the fish are.

The lure that is generally used is the so-called machine gun lure. This one is distinguished by the use of several feathers on the back. This will easily catch the eye of the mackerel, which will rush to your lure. With a bib lure model, you can even catch several fish at the same time.

Adapting to the time of day

Using your sea rod to fish for mackerel should be done by analysing the fishing conditions. If you start fishing for this fish at the beginning or end of the season, the water temperature will be low. In this case, it is necessary to go and look for the fish a little far away.

The fish will prefer the water bottom in these situations. Things are different in the summer, and you are more likely to find mackerel between two waters. Sometimes the schools of mackerel even venture to the edge of the surface, which makes it easier to fish.

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