Which popper lure for bass?

leurre popper

The advantages of fishing with a popper lure are well known. That is why many people choose it. It is the best method of fishing for bass. To be sure of good reliability, it is necessary to choose the right equipment. In order to help you, discover in this article the ideal popper for bass fishing.

Why choose a popper lure for bass fishing?

The use of the popper is a fishing technique that belongs to the large family of surface lures. The popper is a lure with a concave mouth. It is thanks to this fact that the equipment can emit sounds and sprays of water. This is what attracts many species of fish, including sea bass. Of course, sea bass is a species of fish that responds well to the popper fishing technique. The popper is mainly used during the summer months when the water temperature is on average 15°.

Criteria to consider when choosing a popper for bass fishing

To guarantee the success of a reliable bass fishing, it is very important to choose the right popper lure. Indeed, considering the numerous models on the market, it is important to take into account certain parameters.

First of all, you must consider the size of the popper. The popper comes in many different sizes. The size of the popper depends on the season and the fishing conditions. Large popper lures are recommended during the late season in deep water. These can be up to 16 cm long. They are mainly used to catch record fish. However, in the middle of the summer season, in a shallow area, the smaller 4 cm models can be used.

In addition to the size of the popper, you should also take into account its colour. This parameter is important to ensure that the bass is caught on the surface. It is important that it looks as natural as possible. The colour of the popper should be attractive to the fish and the weight of the equipment should be taken into consideration to ensure ease of use.

Finally, it is recommended to ensure the quality of the popper lure. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the brand. You should choose a reputable manufacturer.

The different types of poppers ideal for bass fishing

As you can see, there are many different types of poppers for sea bass. Among the recommended ones, you have :

  • The feedpopper, which is still the most effective solution for bass fishing. This type is characterised by its great realism and the quality of its coatings.
  • The 3D popper, which stands out for its realism and its ability to easily attract bass.
  • The pencil popper cordell which is a surface lure of the stick type. This is especially designed for bass and tropical fish.
  • The realis pencil popper which is very appreciated for its simplicity of use.

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