How do you lead a Texas hook?

hameçon texan

For beginners, or for those who are less advanced, it is not always easy to cast a texan hook. It is indeed a real challenge, but there are several ways to succeed if you follow the advice shared by more experienced anglers. This will make it easier for you to cast any hook at the weight you want.

Understanding how the Texas hook works

The Texas hook is an all-purpose hook for a soft lure. It is especially useful for fishing in crowded places and to avoid snagging. The lure is hidden in the hook. This means that the size and choice of the hook is essential to get the right bite. There are therefore criteria to be taken into account before setting the Texas hook. In this case, it should be half the size of your lure. Also, it must be shaped so that the tip of the hook is completely free of obstructions when setting the hook.

As for theTexan hook‘s lead sealing, it depends on the desired shape and size of the hook. A minimum of equipment is required to be able to lead a Texan hook. That is why you should first take the time to gather the necessary equipment before you start.

The procedure for sealing the Texas hook

First, you twist the olivettes into the desired shape using pliers. Then, take the bricopate and fill the container that you will provide. In order to facilitate the removal from the mould, spread a drop of Vaseline with a brush in the container and knead the bricopaste adding the catalyst. The container should be filled with the mixture before positioning the lead and pressing it into the half. Take 10 minutes to dry and unmould the paste you have made. Now sand until half of the lead impressions are visible.

After this, the hooks should be positioned and the indentations marked as a guide when making the second part of the mould. As for the first time, the mould must be filled with the mixture. The impressions of the hooks are easily made with a pencil. The marks left by the pencil make it easier to dig out the location of the hook.

Making the lead

Once the mould has been properly shaped, you can cast your lead in the places you have previously made. In order for theTexas hook to work properly, you must take your time when making the lead. To do this, the size of the hook must be chosen carefully according to the lure. The hook should also be discreet and of a size appropriate to the type of fishing you are going to do. As far as rigging is concerned, this is done in the same way with soft lures.

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