Which electric motor for float tube?

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Are you thinking of equipping your float tube with an electric motor? It is possible. As long as your float fishing tool is robust and can take a lot of weight, you can motorise it well. There are many manufacturers today offering motors for float tubes. Power, battery, accessories,… faced with these various points, one can easily get lost in the choice of such equipment. Discover the criteria to take into account to choose an electric motor for float tube.

The power of the float tube motor

Although there are various types of float tube motors on the market today, the electric model is still the most commonly used. One of the advantages of this model is that it is more practical and also ensures more mobility. It also requires very little maintenance over time. It is powered by a battery.

To equip your best float tube with an electric motor, you must first think about the power of the latter. In fact, to find the right power, you must take into account the characteristics of your boat. You can choose between 18 lbs and 55 lbs of power. Here, it is the weight and size of your float tube that counts. Before installing the motor, make sure your boat is light and easy to handle.

Choosing a float tube motor battery

This criterion is also important because the performance of the electric motor and the range of your float tube depends on it. You should know that 3 types of battery exist on the market:

  • The lead battery, being heavy and less efficient. However, it has the advantage of being more accessible in terms of price;
  • The AGM battery, which has the advantage of being lighter and less expensive. It is also less sensitive to vibrations and shocks. What’s more, it is easier to charge;
  • The lithium battery, being more compact and more efficient. What’s more, it lasts longer compared to the models mentioned above. The only drawback is the higher price.

Whichever battery you choose, don’t forget to check its capacity. This is expressed in Ah. Finally, if you choose a lead-acid battery, beware of the acid in it. It will damage your best float tube when it runs over it.

Other criteria to check

In addition to the power and the battery, there are other criteria that deserve special attention:

  • The motor mount: any of the best float tubes will have a mount for the motor. If your boat does not have one, you can buy a motor support kit from some shops;
  • Additional accessories, such as a battery tray. This equipment is very useful as it protects the battery from water, loss and shock;
  • Price: Your budget can also be a factor in determining your choice of electric float tube motor. To find a model that fits your budget, ask and compare a few prices.

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