Which telescopic cane to choose?

canne téléscopique

Telescopic rods are models of rods that will have several advantages. Apart from the fact that they are compact and easy to store, you can choose a model according to your needs. The options available to us in this respect will therefore vary greatly.

The use of telescopic canes

The term telescopic cane this is a type of rod that can be easily folded back on itself. It is a model that does not lack popularity when it comes to catching fish with a small or medium size. It is therefore the main recourse for anglers who do this activity for pleasure. The simplest models are the most affordable for novice anglers.

Then, there will be various varieties, each of which will be suitable for specific uses. There is no single model of telescopic cane to which you can turn. To make the right choice, you need to familiarise yourself with the options available.

Turning to telescopic speed rods

There is a model of telescopic rod that will be used for fishing that is considered fast. These so-called speed rods will get the nickname of machine gun because of this, and are called speed whip. This type of rod is designed to allow you to cast the line quickly.

The length will be quite compact, ranging from 2m to 4.5m, and the whole thing will be very light. With the corresponding technique, it will be possible to catch a large quantity of small fish. This is the case when these fish will gather on the bank, especially after a good bait.

Using classic telescopic rods

In general, a telescopic rod will have dimensions between 4m and 8m. With this, you can fish on a wide variety of waters, and still have an effective rod. This is the model that will suit the occasional fisherman, but also those with an average level.

It is possible to generate performance that is at least appreciable for this type of rod. If you just want to fish for fun and not compete, this is the rod to buy.

Using a more powerful telescopic rod

At some point you may want to use a telescopic rod that is more powerful than your own. When this is the case, you can go to the market to find a model with the required characteristics. Here, we will have rods whose size will not exceed 7m.

The material used for its manufacture will be of higher quality. Another important detail is the interior of the rod. It will be hollow, and will usually include an elastic band. This will help to make your rod more solid. This means that you can use the rod with even a slightly heavy set-up.

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