When to bait carp?

amorcage carpe

Baiting is a method of catching several fish as quickly as possible. But while baiting carp but while baiting can be as effective, the technique is not so easy to set up. To bait carp effectively, you will need to adapt the bait to the situation you are facing. The choice of bait and equipment used must be optimised, but the best time to bait must also be determined.

Baiting strategy adapted to the bait used

Different techniques can be used forcarp baiting, but first it should be stressed that this depends on several parameters. The first factor to consider is the type of bait you are going to use. Baiting is mainly a strategy to attract carp to your spot by using a maximum of baits. It is therefore advisable to bait a specific area in order to have more efficiency.

There can be three types of baiting and they are determined at specific periods.

  • Long-term baiting (over several days or weeks). This strategy involves getting the fish used to the bait before starting a session.
  • Initial baiting: this is what should be done at the beginning of a session.
  • Recall baiting: this is done when you have made a successful catch or when you have changed your line.

It is therefore according to these stages that the type of baits adapted should be chosen.

Carp baiting tools

To successfullybait carp, you need special tools to make the job easier. One of these is the slingshot, which propels the bait by means of a rubber band attached to the handle. You can put different types of baits in it, such as seed, pellets or groundbait balls. Later on, you can also use PVAs. Here it should be noted that there can be several models of PVC; either in bags, sticks or double strands. They are mainly used for locating a small amount of bait near your bait.

After that, you can also use the baiting shovel, the dart launcher, the bait ratchet or the bucket. These tools should be used according to the situation.

The right time to bait carp

As you have understood, there are several techniques forbaiting carp. This means that they can be carried out at different times. The most important thing is to understand that before and during carp fishing, baiting can always be done. This gives you the maximum chance of attracting fish without going back empty-handed. Before fishing, they should be attracted to the area you have determined. And just at the beginning of the fishing, baiting allows you to make the least effort to get them close to you. And during the fishing, it is also necessary to do it regularly.

As for the season, you will have to refer to the behaviour of the carp during each period of the year to understand their activities. What is certain is that it is always wise to wait until the end of the breeding season.

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