Which reel for sea fishing?

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The sea is one of the most interesting places to fish, because of the wide variety of fish available. Since the conditions are not the same as for freshwater fishing, it is best to take the appropriate measures. One of these is to choose the right sea reel.

The specificities of the marine environment

Sea fishing will have specificities such as the extent of the water, as well as other elements that make it different from fishing in a lake or a river. First of all, you have two possibilities to do the fishing, either in the middle of the water on a boat or from the shore.

Both styles will come with various hazards that will require you to take various steps. The choice of a sea reel is thus well affected by geographical conditions. You need to take into account the needs of each situation to make the best choice.

The qualities of a good reel

To decide on a model of sea reel, one must first have a good understanding of the details that will affect this item. To do this, you need to look at each of its components, and then determine what criteria will make them optimal. A reel will consist of a spool around which the line is wound, a crank and a brake assembly.

Depending on your needs, these components may have to meet specific criteria. The type of fish as well as the environment will make a reel model very effective or not so much. The bottom line is that the whole thing should fit together as well as possible.

The reel for sea fishing

Fishing in the sea will require that you can cast the rod over a very long distance. A good sea reel should be able to store a good amount of line. Then, to avoid the famous wig effect, it is necessary to be able to stop the flow of the line.

For this, it is necessary to have good quality brakes. Finally, sea fish are generally going to be quite massive. This is important when choosing a reel, as it must be robust. Therefore, you should favour a material with decent strength.

What else is needed for sea fishing

The sea reel is not the only accessory you need to decide on for sea fishing. You also need to pay attention to the other details of your equipment. For example, you will need a long rod for shore fishing, about 9-10m. If you are fishing from a boat, this will not be so necessary, and it is better to use a medium size rod, i.e. 4 to 5m. The choice of baits must also be made with great discernment, based on the specificities of the fish that retain

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