Which lure for trout in rivers?

leurre truite

Trout fishing is an art, and it is crucial to decide on the details of your tackle. Among other things, the choice of the right trout lure must be made with the utmost care to ensure the best fishing conditions. The lure is one of the details that must be well chosen.

Fishing for trout in rivers

The trout is a freshwater fish that can be found in water bodies such as rivers. The conditions for fishing for this fish will vary according to the details of such a river. Depending on this, one specific type of lure may be more effective than another.

Trout fishing is managed seasonally, from early March to September. As it is a carnivorous fish, it is not always permitted to fish for it throughout the year. You can ask your local authority for details of this plan.

The size of the river

Depending on the size of the river in which you are going to fish for trout, the details of the suitable lure may vary. The more compact the river with little current, the more careful the fish will be about foreign elements entering the water.

They are likely to stay away from your lures if they arrive too suddenly, or if they are too unusual. With this in mind, it is best to use lures that look as close as possible to natural baits. At best, it is even better to use a non-flexible bait in this case.

The nature of the water in the river

The clarity of the water is a detail to be taken into account when choosing baits. In clear water you have more restrictions on the trout lure you want to use. This is because it is easier for the fish to see if the bait is realistic.

When the water gets murky, it becomes necessary to choose baits that will be difficult for your fish to miss. They will be much more tempted to feed on it than they are when they can see well.

The time of year you fish

The voracity of fish towards a lure is not going to be the same whether you are in high or low season. When trout are plentiful in the early spring, they will easily rush to anything they see that looks edible.

At this time, it is important to choose baits that are outstanding. As time goes on, they will become more wary of bait in the water. As you approach the off-season, it is best to use baits that are closer to the real thing. Real bait is even better at this time.

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