How to fish with a soft lure?

leurre souple

When you start fishing, it is essential to have a good understanding of the different accessories to use. The soft lure is one of the recourses you can turn to when fishing for fish. To get the most out of this accessory, it is best to know the various details.

The specificities of the soft lure

This type of lure is made of a synthetic material, which gives it its flexibility. It is mainly used for fishing with soft lures, which means that the lure used is reusable. This is a lure design that is not ingested or unmanageable by the fish.

Instead of using a live lure, a synthetic lure is used that imitates a lure. This means that you can use the same lures over and over again, and their effectiveness will depend on the effort you put into sorting them out before you buy them.

Possible shapes for soft lures

When you are going to start fishing with soft lures, it is important to decide on the shape of the lures to use. These can vary depending on the needs you may have. Some baits will generate vibrations in the water when moving.

Other models will instead adopt a surface that allows for the smoothest possible movement. You can choose a soft lure that will simply take on the appearance of worms, flies or other insects.

Choosing the right size of soft lure

The size of the lure you use is one of the most important details in soft lure fishing. It is essential that the size of the lure you choose matches the size of the fish you intend to catch. If the lure is too big, the fish may not catch it.

A lure that is too small will have much the same effect on the fish, as it will not consider the effort worthwhile. Depending on the fish you want to catch, there are guidelines for the most suitable size of bait.

Choosing the right colour

In the case of soft lure fishing, colour is also one of the elements that must be taken into account. But also the clarity of the water you are going to fish in and the season.

If it’s a time of year when the fish are going to be hungry, it’s useful to favour baits that are as bright as possible. On the other hand, it is better to go for baits with discreet colours when the fish are more fussy about their food. This is a conscious decision.

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