Which reel for the sea?


Depending on where you decide to fish, one type of tackle will be more suitable than another. For shore fishing, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. The reel is one of the items you need to choose very carefully.

The details of shore fishing

Sea fishing is not so much like fishing on the river banks and the like. Fish will not easily approach the shoreline, as they are wary of people on it. They will prefer to stay at a safe distance, which is not good for anglers.

It is still possible to fish for these fish using a surfcasting reel. This model has been developed especially for fishing for fish that are found at great distances in the water. More specifically, it is suitable for fishing for fish on the seashore, which require the lines to go over the waves.

A reel for long distance casting

As fish are found far out in the sea, your surfcasting reel needs to be better able to project a good distance. For this to be the case, you will need to use a model that is well suited to such use.

If you choose a reel for shore fishing, you can cast your line up to 200m. The further the line is cast into the water, the greater the chance of catching a large fish.

A reel for catching big fish

In addition to being able to cast the line a long way, the surfcasting reel must also be able to make the line come back. Fishing on the seashore is usually characterised by being in front of a large body of water that has no obstacles.

So you don’t need to get the line back quickly, but instead you need to take your time. This makes it necessary to look for a reel with a low ratio. When the ratio is low for a rod, it means that rewinding the line via the crank will be slow.

The most versatile reel

The conditions that are unique to sea fishing can vary greatly depending on the situation. So, for your surfcasting reel , you might prefer to opt for criteria that make your rod as versatile as possible. For a beginner or an inexperienced angler, this is the best choice.

Ideally, you should choose a reel with a medium ratio, preferably with a low profile. With this profile in particular, the rod will be easy to handle. Secondly, the length of the rod should be around 4m to 4.5m. With such a configuration, fishing will be done in good conditions.

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