Carp fishing

pêche à la carpe

There are several techniques for carp fishing, one of which is carp fishing by jigging. The aim of this method is to catch fish in a well-defined area called the blow. For successful fishing, however, it is important to master the basic carp fishing strategies.

How to prepare bait for carp fishing

Carp fishing is practised on rivers, ponds and less agitated canals. To be successful, it is not only necessary to use a good quality carp rod , but also to prepare the bait well. There are two ways of baiting carp: with flour and with baiting.

If you decide to use a flour bait, it is wise to make a well-nourished preparation, and this, to seduce carps easily. Opt for fatty substances such as biscuits and maize components such as meal. As for the bait, you can mix vegetable baits such as lupin and wheat. And to entice the fish, consider combining the mixture with maggots.

The different techniques of carp fishing

There are three different methods of carp fishing: spinning, feeding and match fishing. They each have their specificities. But to fill your basket quickly, think of the technique of fishing with the English blow. It allows you to fish for fish that are on the bottom. Carp live mainly on the bottom of ponds or canals because these places are very rich in aquatic vegetation.

The fish get used to feeding there and only come up to the surface during the summer period. To catch a carp, the hook should be placed at the bottom of the water. To avoid your fish escaping, wait for the cork to sink completely before you strike. Not only that, it is also important to choose the right rod for carp fishing.

Equipment for carp fishing

For the pleasure of fishing, it is advisable to choose your equipment well, in this case your carp rod. It is the major element that allows you to catch fish. You can choose between telescopic and take-apart rods. If you plan to fish less than 7 m from the shore, consider a telescopic rod. It is practical and, above all, less cumbersome. The only drawback is that it is difficult to control when the wind is strong.

As far as the take-apart rod is concerned, it is necessary to fish more than 10 m from the shore. It is adjustable up to 18.5 m. As for the line of the carp cutting rod, it is advisable to use a nylon line of 0.16 mm to 0.22 mm. Make sure that it combines flexibility, regularity and knot strength. It should be noted that a minimum of 100 metres of line is required for carp fishing.

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