Which Daiwa reel for trout?

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The choice of reel should not be made when you decide to go fishing. It is important that you can enjoy the comfort and safety that the product offers. To help you, here are some Daiwa reel models that you can use for trout fishing.

The Daiwa 20 Legalis LT

Weighing only 180 grams, this daiwa reel 20 Legalis LT will not tire your hands easily. You’ll have an easier time catching trout thanks to its 5.2:1 gear ratio. You can also take full advantage of its braking power and the line capacity of the spool. This is 150/0,14 m/ømm. Easy to handle, this reel operates with a braking force of 5 kg. In addition to this, 5 ball bearings ensure that the mechanism works properly. It should be noted that this model has an aluminium Air spool and a CNC-machined crank handle. The TouchDigigear gearing system should also not be overlooked.

The Daiwa Ninja LT

Weighing in at just over 200g, this Daiwa Ninja LT reel is a great choice if you want to fish for trout. Note that this model effectively combines power with lightness. This makes it easy to use and comfortable to use. Indeed, you won’t get tired easily with this fishing accessory. You will even be able to fish all day without any worries. Another advantage of this model is its internal high-tech mechanism. This is equipped with a Tough Digigear control wheel with a long service life. The rotation is also perfect thanks to the “Air Rotor”.

The Daiwa Legalis LT 6000 D H

Made from aluminium and carbon, this Daiwa reel model also features a reliable ABS spool. In addition, the machined aluminium handle makes the product easier to handle. Even a novice angler can easily learn to use this accessory. You will be able to fish for trout with ease with this product. Note that this model has an indisputable lightness which is also combined with its robustness. It is also equipped with a TouchDigigear technology and a tubular hoop. This model has a long lifespan.

The Daiwa 20 Exceler LT

This is a Daiwa reel that should not be put aside when fishing for trout. This accessory has been made from Zaion Light composite which makes it light but also strong. You can be sure that this reel can cope with deformation and still give you a long life. You can enjoy maximum comfort every time you use this reel thanks to its light weight. In addition, this model has an optimised transmission system that makes it more powerful. Finally, you will be entitled to a high performance braking system when you opt for this reel.

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