How do I fill my casting reel?

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Casting rods are among the most popular rods for freshwater and saltwater fishing at the moment. Filling the casting reel is an important step that must be done with care. To do this properly, there is a method to follow that will give the best results.

Prepare your fishing tackle

Before you even begin the task of filling your reel, you must first get the right equipment. In particular, you need to decide on a casting rod model. There are several choices available to you, and the choices are to be made on parameters such as size and brand.

Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, specific dimensions will be needed for your casting reel, and the line should be long enough to allow you to catch fish from a distance. The tip of the line is an essential asset that you need to put in place to make your fishing stealthy.

Tie a strong knot at the base

You will very rarely use up an entire reel by casting the line. However, it is still important to tie the line properly. There are different kinds of knots you can use to hold your line in place. Marine knots are some of the strongest knots you can use.

The most important thing is that the line is held securely to the base of your casting reel. Without it, it may not be stable when you cast. Don’t hesitate to test the strength of the line knot properly after tying. Once this is done, you can consider refilling the reel.

The importance of moistening the line

Before you start reeling in the line, you should first take care to moisten the line. This will ensure that the line runs smoothly when you cast or reel it in. Without it, you increase the chances of creating a wig on your casting reel. Secondly, it should not be overly solid either.

Let it sit for a few minutes in a container of water. Ideally, this should be done the morning before you go fishing. If you do it too early, the moisture added to your line may be lost. Both the line and the leader should be placed in such a container.

Winding up properly

You should reel in your line methodically and check that it is even. You can do this by stopping once in a while to check the result. The line should be wound evenly. Also, the line should not be difficult to unwind.

You should continue to do this until you reach about 2 to 3 mm from the edge of the casting reel. Beyond this point, the whole thing may be too full, and the reel may struggle to function. Filling the casting reel is an action that requires experience. So the more you do it, the more likely you are to do it right.

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