How to fish with a Bolognese rod

canne bolognaise

Among the options available to you in terms of fishing, we can mention Bolognese fishing with the Bolognese rod. This technique, which originated in Italy, has easily become one of the most popular in France. In order to take advantage of it, it is important to have a good understanding of it.

The details of Bolognese-style fishing

This type of fishing, which comes from Italy, has made a name for itself in the landscape of angling styles. For this practice, it will be necessary to use a bait and a float. This variant, however, will be a little more dynamic than the traditional style of fishing. Here, the angler will be placed downstream of the watercourse.

He can also use his bolognese rod to catch fish in a stronger or weaker current. Things can happen quite quickly, and when they do, you need to be able to react properly. Although this technique is most common in freshwater, it can also be used at sea, on a moving boat.

Opting for a Bolognese rod

In order for your Bolognese fishing to go well, you need the right equipment. The Bolognese rod is the first thing you should buy.

It must be compact, about 6m, but it must also be light. The fact that it is made of carbon fibre is a necessity if you want good performance. The reel is one of the elements you want to decide on.

The question of the float and its mounting

The float is one of the elements that distinguishes Bolognese fishing from styles such as match fishing. Here the float will attach to the line at two different points. The rig makes it easier to perform technical teasing movements. This is not so possible with other fishing tackle configurations.

The choice of the lead is based on the depth at which you want to fish. In general, this will be around 3m, and the weight of the lead should be estimated at 1g per metre. Once this is the case, you can use your Bolognese rod in the best of conditions.

The essential conditions for this type of fishing

In order for this type of fishing to reach its full potential, you can go to water areas with current. The configuration of the equipment with the Bolognese rod will be adapted according to the strength of the current in question.

You just need to make sure that the wind does not ruin your fishing session. Indeed, this technique simply cannot be done if the wind is not in your favour. In the event that there is a possibility of wind, it is always best to bring gear for a different style of fishing. Otherwise, you may end up going home empty-handed.

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