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leurre perche

During the summer, people will mainly turn to fish such as pike, zander and catfish. However, the perch lure is also a quality fish at this time, even though it is mostly considered an autumn fish. You can have a great time catching this quality fish.

Ideal fishing conditions for perch

Everything makes the perch one of your best fishing companions during the summer season. Indeed, it is at a stage of maturation that it is quite large since the hatching. You can easily find species up to 50cm long. Secondly, this fish has the particularity of not being too fussy about bait.

It will easily rush to a wide range of perch lure but once it bites, it will not easily give in. So you can expect some great battles to see which of you and the fish will give in. You should also consider getting the right equipment.

The basic equipment to use

To catch this fish, you don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment. As far as lures for perch are concerned, they don’t take up too much space, so you can afford to vary. As far as rods are concerned, you can go for a spinning type rod, with a power of between 10g and 15g. A reel with a size of 2500 will be very suitable, and as for the line, you should choose one that is between 8/100 and 12/100.

A rod with dimensions that are not too excessive is the most suitable. The environment in which this fish evolves will sometimes be quite steep, with rocks everywhere on the edges. It would therefore be impractical to use equipment that is too large.

Choosing the right bait for your needs

It is possible to fish for this fish with several styles, depending on the conditions, but also on your preferences. For example, you can use a crank bait, which generates vibrations to attract perch.

This is highly effective, especially in early summer, as these carnivorous fish will easily chase small fish baits. Spoons can be suitable for fishing in various depths. The best thing to do is to put together a set of lures depending on the situation.


This practice is interesting for perch, as this fish will sometimes try to stay away from the edges. Aiming for deep water in this way increases your chances of catching a large fish.

For powerfishing, soft baits fitted with a weighted lead head can be very effective. You just have to choose the right size of lure, because if it is too big, your fish might not go near it. Powerfishing to catch fish can be done from the water’s edge as well as from a boat exploring the waters.

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