Where to go trout fishing?

pêche truite

Among the fish that are worth fishing for, trout are at the top of the list. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the best conditions for trout fishing, you have to choose the right places. To know the most interesting fishing spots for this, it is necessary to be able to identify certain details.

A favourable environment for growth

In order for the trout to develop to its full potential, it is necessary that the environment in which it evolves be favourable to its good development. A good trout fisherman must therefore pay attention to particular elements of the environment in which the fish lives. One of these is the size of the water body as a whole.

The larger the water, the easier it will be for a trout to reach a good adult size. This is directly related to the points of trout population density and available food. The more space there is for these fish, the less competition there is for food.

Water temperature and flow

It is also essential to choose a water point where the temperature is not too low. For example, lakes and rivers that are located in the high mountains may not have so many trout. A good trout fisherman should rather turn his attention to lakes in the middle to low mountains to have more chances.

It can also help if the water in which your fish are caught has a good flow, especially in rivers. This is essential as it will promote a good supply of oxygen for the fish.

Water rich in food

Trout are fish that will feed on both marine plants and small fish. It is therefore necessary for a trout fisherman to turn his attention to places that are rich in these. Amongst those that are interesting from a nutritional point of view, we can mention rivers with a good limestone content.

The fish will feed directly on this, as will the plants and other small fish in the area. Here again, it is best to look for waterholes that are in good proximity to a low to medium sized mountain.

Favourable watering areas

A particular waterhole should meet the various criteria mentioned above. Once this is the case, a trout fisherman should be able to make the best decision on where to fish.

One type of spot that is worth considering for this purpose is one where there is a high chance of fish taking shelter, i.e. rock-rich spots. These will often be found on the banks, and you need to pay attention. Other interesting spots are those where aquatic flora thrive, and where small fish are in large numbers. It is crucial for you to pay attention to the details.

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