How to use a touch sensor?

détecteur touche

Fishing can be made much easier if you decide to use a bite detector. It saves you from having to keep a close eye on your line, as fish can take a long time to bite. To take full advantage of this, you need to get the right model.

How a bite detector works

In order for your bite detector to work properly, it must take into account a specific fact about your rod. This means that even the slightest changes to this data will be considered a touch. When this happens, you will be alerted in some way.

There are an increasing number of models on the market that can do this, and you have a wide choice. Many anglers decide to use this alternative, and it allows them to increase the number of catches they make. Both novices and advanced anglers can benefit from this.

Using a lighted bite detector

One of the most interesting models is the flashing light bite detector. You have to position the detector on your rod and wait for a catch to be noticed. To assess whether a fish has bitten the line, this detector will analyse the presence of vibrations.

This is a very accurate technique, but you need to make sure you keep an eye on the line. To avoid too much strain, it is advisable to position yourself with the rod in your line of sight. Once this is done, it will be more convenient for you to wait patiently.

Turning to an audible touch detector

The other alternative in terms of a touch sensor is one that alerts you with sounds. This is still not the most effective method, not least because it requires various adjustments. This type of detector is not able to detect the slight vibrations of your rod.

Instead, you have to use a counterbalance system that has to fall off in case of a hit, and activate the alarm. This is not the most accurate way to do this. However, it may be suitable if you do not want to keep an eye on the rod for too long.

Choosing the right brand of detector

To ensure that your touch sensor does its job properly, it is essential that you choose a good manufacturer. If you don’t buy a model that is not efficient, you risk compromising the effectiveness of the whole system. To find out which brands are the most trendy and reliable, be sure to approach the fishing communities.

These can be found on social networks like Facebook or YouTube. You can even visit the forums on the subject, as these are very active. By doing this, you are able to make the best choices for your fish finder.

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