How do you know if your glasses are polarized?

lunettes polarisantes

Polarised glasses are equipment that do not come off the eyes of fishermen. However, they really need to be polarised to avoid the disadvantages of brightness in the sun. How do you know if your glasses are polarised?

How do you define polarised glasses?

Before going any further, it is necessary to underline the definition of polarized glasses. In principle, polarised glasses are equipped with a polarising filter. The role of the latter is to eliminate the parasitic reflections of sunlight on a surface. This can be water, a road, snow or the horizon. At the same time, polarised lenses also serve to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Sunlight is a major factor in the rapid deterioration of the retina, so if this is not to happen, polarised glasses are the obvious choice. Since fishermen are always confronted with the sun’s rays, they must wear glasses with polarised lenses.

Polarised glasses, the features to remember

There are a few things you should know when choosing polarized glasses. For the safety of your eyes, you should emphasise these features. Thus, if you want to replace your glasses, you must be precise on :

  • The protection against UV by specifying the CE marking;
  • Polarisation, which is an essential point to avoid the dangers of sunlight;
  • Protection against glare.

Without these criteria, you cannot tell whether a pair of glasses is polarised or not.

How polarised glasses work

The main reason why anglers are especially interested in polarized glasses is because of all the advantages they can offer. In terms of functionality, this type of lens blocks horizontal light and allows vertical light to pass through. Thus, only useful light is reflected on the glasses and reaches the eyes. The comfort of vision is a benefit appreciated with polarized glasses. It should be noted that this type of eyewear requires special, high-quality lenses. For fishermen in particular, it is highly recommended to opt for this equipment to avoid possible glare at the water’s edge.

The right model of polarised glasses for everyone

Which model of polarised glasses is right for you depends largely on your needs. The design of each goggle varies from one model to another, which is very useful in simplifying your choice. Similarly, there is also the tint of the glasses which should always be chosen carefully to improve comfort. You can even opt for unbreakable polarized glasses that are equipped with plastic lenses. They are more practical and extremely resistant, but can be scratched easily. You should therefore be careful about this and take good care of them so that the lenses stay clean.

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