What is the best disengageable reel?

moulinet debrayable

The disengageable reel is a must for those who like to fish for big fish. It allows you to quickly wind and unwind the line of your fishing rod. But to be successful, you need to know how to choose the right spinning reel. So a few tips are in order.

Features of the best spinning reel

In order to determine which is the best disengageable reel you should choose, you must first consider certain characteristics. Firstly, there is the length of line that can be contained by the reel. Here, the line should not be too short or too long either. Then there is also the quality of the reel. This comes down to the ease of use of the reel in general. With a good quality reel, you won’t need to make many adjustments to master it.

Also, for a spinning reel to be considered better, it needs to have a certain strength. In this case, it must be able to withstand the effort it has to make and the pressure the fish puts on it. The quality of the drag should also be taken into account. It must be perfect because it is what will allow you to pull the fish in an easy way.

Price: an important parameter

In addition to all these features, it must be said that the price can also have an influence on the quality of the disengageable reel. This can also be taken in the opposite direction, because the higher the quality of the reel, the higher the price. So it all depends on your ability to connect these two important factors. In any case, you should always do a price comparison before making your decision. This will give you a clear idea of the features of each reel and the price that will be given to each model based on its quality.

The brand is also a factor to consider because the expertise of each manufacturer is an indication of the quality of the equipment. And this influences the price, of course.

Other criteria to consider

It is the front and rear brakes that make the difference between a spinning reel and a drag reel. So, for a better disengageable reel, these brakes must be resistant and very solid. This is what will allow it to bear the weight and know how to stop at the right moment. So, when you compare the models you are interested in, you should always look at the power of these brakes.

In addition, it may also be possible to choose a disengageable reel that allows you to fish from a distance. The more powerful it is, the more diversified activities can be carried out. Then, the robustness of the crank must also be considered. For a good reel, it is usually made of aluminium. After that, depending on your preferences, the colour can also play in favour of the reel.

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